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In the early 1930s, Max Horlbeck of Nuernberg embarked on a detailed research into the ancestry of the Horlbeck name. He studied many historical sources and documents.


In addition to this he visited Horlbecks in the Vogtland region to receive as much information as possible to complement his research. As a result, he wrote the book "Die Horlbeck im Vogtland, im angrenzenden Thüringen und Franken". ("The Horlbeck families in the Vogtland region, in Thuringia and Franconia").


The book was self-published in 1934 and each Horlbeck family who had assisted in his research received a copy.


My grandfather gave me the book in the early 60s. Unfortunately I was too young to appreciate its content, and the book wound up in the back of my bookcase.


However, several years later, I had the urge to continue with the family tree and started at the point where the book left off. I was especially interested in the female side of the Horlbecks since marriages of female Horlbecks, as well as their descendants was not mentioned in the book nor was there mention of emigration locations from Germany to other countries and I found that Horlbecks are now living not only in Germany and the U.S. but also in Switzerland, Colombia, Canada, Spain and China.


I started my research with the internet, with older phone and address listings as well as the where-abouts of present day Horlbecks. I contacted as many as possible and received a large number of replies !

Because of privacy considerations, I am unable to publish my research on these pages. I uploaded the Horlbeck family trees to


On the ancestry website, information of living people is hidden. However, I am able to give permission to view all information to verified members of a Horlbeck family.


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