Evidence that the Horlbecks lived here

Left behind clues of Horlbecks and their relatives

About 1764 the first Horlbecks immigrated to the United States. They settled in Charleston/South Carolina


Street in Charleston, named after the Horlbeck brothers (architects)


From 1817 to 1935 the plantation was owned by the Horlbeck family


Named after the brothers John Adam Horlbeck (1729 - 1812) and John Peter Horlbeck (1726 - 1797), architects in Charleston


Surgeon and medical officer in Charleston, South Carolina


Sculptor Otto Horlbeck from Grünsfeld/Germany and photographer and graphic designer Christina Horlbeck-Wuillermin in Hammonton/New Jersey


Artist decorating china


Artist (painter) in Atlanta, Georgia 


Named after the teacher Christian Friedrich Horlbeck (1807 - 1887)