Overview of all Horlbeck (Hurlbeck and Horlebeck) in the family trees

Here you will find an overview of all Horlbecks in different spellings contained in the family trees.

The names are arranged alphabetically.

Listed are now about 2900 people.


And  this is the table !



Please contact me if you want this EXCEL table with all Horlbeck names !

I have 8 family trees at ancestry.com. The most are "private trees".

These trees are the same as the trees in the book of Max Horlbeck.


RR       HORLBECK (Ruppertsgruen_Reimersgruen)

RL        HORLBECK (Ruppertsgruen_Lambzig)

JL        HORLBECK (Joessnitz_Limbach)

SC       HORLBECK (Joessnitz_Siebenhitz_South Carolina)

TR       HORLBECK (Tremnitz)

ST        HORLBECK (Steinsdorf)



But the following family tree

US       "Familienstammbaum HORLBECK (USA)" is a public tree.

Here I have collected all Horlbeck people in United States, I found in different sources and in internet.

The problem is, their German ancestors are not know !