The roots of the Horlbeck family in Germany (Vogtland)

The early Vogtland as a region was a part of the German States Saxony (Sachsen), Thuringia (Thüringen) and Bavaria (Bayern) and of the Austrian Bohemia (now Czech Republic).

At the beginning of 16th century the Horlbeck families settled around the small towns Reichenbach, Plauen and Greiz.

In the first half of the 16th century in the church register of the village Ruppertsgruen we can find the farmer Georg Hurelpeck with his family. The date of birth could not be verified. His funeral was in March of 1587. However, his children could be documented in these church records.  


In the book of Max Horlbeck Georg Hurelpeck is the first person of the big Horlbeck family tree "Ruppertsgruen".


At the same time some Horlbecks were living in other villages of the region. Due to the lack of documents which would have substantiated a relationship, the author started several trees.


Therefore the book contains 5 trees, named after the places of origin.


1.) Ruppertsgruen (after 1600 the tree is divided in the two lines Ruppertsgruen-Reimersgruen and Ruppertsgruen-Lambzig)

2.) Joessnitz - Limbach

3.) Joessnitz - Siebenhitz

4.) Tremnitz

5.) Steinsdorf near Plauen


For a more detailed picture please click  here  and you'll see the places of origin of the several trees.


The first three trees show descendants to the present ! However, I was able to ascertain that the Steinsdorf near Plauen tree shows descendants of an illegitimate son !


For the tree Joessnitz - Siebenhitz I found many descendants, which are not in the book. This tree is also the starting point of the Horlbeck line in South Carolina.