The name HORLBECK and the changes of the name

The Horlbecks are among the oldest farmer families in the Vogtland region of Germany (Saxony and Thuringia).


A document from 1365 is the first which shows the name Hurelpek. A Hans Hurelpek was instrumental in a real estate transaction. Until the year 1506 no further documents show the name. 


The name Horlbeck (or Hurlbeck), an old German name, originated and was associated with a township.

Hurlpek = Hurlbach = Roßbach (horse creek).


Over the years, the name has changed from Hurelpek to Hurelpeck, Hurelbeck, Horelbeck, Hurlbeck and Horlbeck and also to Horelbeck. The name changes are most likely due to clerical errors of misunderstanding the pronunciations or simply the nonexisting spelling rules. 


Today in Germany, we find such names as Horlbeck, Hurlbeck and Horlebeck. However, this does not mean that these families have different roots.