Altmannsgruen (near Treuen) - the home of my descendants

Altmannsgruen (near Treuen) is a typical village of the Vogtland region. The place already exists mor than 670 years.

Most inhabitants were farmers.


Between the years 1924 and 1944 there were 3 mills, 2 backeries, 1 grocery shop and many farmers and owners of stitchery machines.


Over the years the population decreased:

1924          520 inhabitants

1928          507 inhabitants

1934          476 inhabitants

1944          430 inhabitants


2010          330 inhabitants


Now Altmannsgruen is a part of town Treuen.



City directory of Altmannsgruen - year 1924:


City directory of Altmannsgruen - year 1928:



City directory of Altmannsgruen - year 1934:

overview of Altmannsgruen

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In the address books (city directories)  from 1924 to 1944 we find the house numbers in blue !

My great-grandfather Karl Friedrich Horlbeck (1834 - 1908) was owner of a farmstead (A) in Altmannsgruen.

He had 12 children, but only 5 survived.


Son Richard Horlbeck, born in 1873, was the heir of the fatherly property, later his son Ewald Horlbeck, born in 1904, farmed the estate.


Son Hermann Horlbeck (1877 - 1963) - my grandfather - built in the neighborhood (B) a house for his family. He owned a stitchery machine and worked for a company in Plauen. Later my father Artur Horlbeck (1909 - 1981) lived there with us.


Another son, Franz Emil Horlbeck, born in 1875, was also an owner of a stitchery machine. He built the house for his family near the farmstead (C) .


Four of the seven sons of Franz Emil Horlbeck immigrated between 1923 and 1928 to United States:

Alban Horlbeck (1898 - 1960) in the year 1926,

Alfred Horlbeck (1900 - 1983) in the year 1923,

Erich Horlbeck (1904 - 1975) in the year 1925 and

Walter Horlbeck (1907 - 1975) in the year 1928.

They settled in the states New Jersey and New York. And their descendants now also live in these states.

Later son Konrad (1910 - 1992) worked as carpenter and had a workshop in his father's house in Altmannsgruen.