Family of Emil Horlbeck (brother of my grandfather)

Franz Emil Horlbeck, was born 1875, february 21st. He was also an owner of a stitchery machine. in 1902 he built a house for his family near the farmstead of his parents.


In 1898 he married Milda Helene Kultscher from Herlasgruen.

They had 9 children:



Emil Alban                22.12.1898

Robert Alfred           13.12.1900

Franziska Rosalie    06.11.1902

Fritz Erich                31.08.1904

Richard Roland       06.05.1906

Georg Walter           07.10.1905

Otto Konrad             09.08.1910

Karl Werner             08.05.1919

Ingeborg Ursula      18.08.1922


Four of the seven sons of Franz Emil Horlbeck immigrated between 1923 and 1928 to United States:

Alban in the year 1926,

Alfred in the year 1923,

Erich in the year 1925 and

Walter the year 1928.

They settled in the states New Jersey and New York. And their descendants now also live in these states.


Later son Konrad worked as carpenter and had a workshop in his father's house in Altmannsgruen.


Franz Emil                                    Emil Alban                                     Fritz Erich

Robert Alfred                                    Georg Walter    

Richard Roland                              Otto Konrad                                            Karl Werner       

In the front of the house you see Emil Horlbeck and his wife Milda.


After 1936 here worked son Konrad as carpenter.